What colours and bouquets of flowers to offer for a birthday?

Colours in the language of flowers have very special meanings. That is why it is important to know these details in order to choose a floral arrangement that is appropriate for the occasion. Colour, just like the flowers chosen, can indeed be the vector of a symbol or a precise intention. They can vary according to the person to whom you offer a birthday bouquet and can be personalised ad infinitum. Discover in this article which colours, meanings and flowers to choose for a birthday present.

Colours in the language of flowers

It is possible to offer a nice bouquet of birthday flowers to different people. Whether it's a family member, a loved one, or a co-worker, receiving flowers is still a strong gesture of affection. Of course, the colours are different when it comes to offering a bouquet of flowers to your loved one or a friend. For example, red symbolizes passion and love. It is therefore particularly appropriate to offer a bouquet of red flowers for the anniversary of your love. This pretty attention allows you to declare your love and show your love to your wife or fiancée. However, for family and friends, it is important to choose different colours, which will have a completely different symbolism. White flowers, in general, accompany a gift that you give to a close friend, to whom you wish the best. Pink flowers, on the other hand, are perfect for a birthday bouquet for a female member of your family (your mother, sister). A symbol of tenderness, the colour pink is also suitable for motherhood, and can therefore accompany your bouquets to celebrate a birth. Orange is also a colour to be favoured for the family or friends circle. The advantage with this colour is that you can accompany it with a multitude of other flowers and thus compose a unique birthday bouquet. Note: yellow is often equated with infidelity. Whether it's for your significant other or for your friends, avoid the odd one out and turn instead to more cheerful and positive colours such as orange or white.

Flowers to choose for a birthday

Choosing seasonal flowers

Birthday bouquets are always nice to receive when composed with seasonal flowers. In summer, dare to use sunflowers to please.

Knowing the recipient's tastes

It is possible to find out in advance about the recipient's taste in flowers. Sometimes his relatives can find out more about these preferences and help you choose the right plant for him, in which case some flowers remain timeless and are easily offered throughout the year, like roses. You can then choose them in white or choose a floral arrangement with soft shades to match all interior decorations. A birthday is always a suitable occasion to make a beautiful gift and accompany it with flowers. Simply take the time to know the meaning of the colours in order to touch the heart of the person to whom you offer a bouquet.

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