Which Mercedes perfume is best?

Mercedes perfume

Published on : 20 April 20224 min reading time

When you think of Mercedes Benz, fanciness and class come to mind. Therefore, when you talk of Mercedes perfume, be sure that they are some of the best fragrances you will get on the shelves.

These colognes have over thirty different perfumes, including perfumers such as Olivier Cresp. The best thing is that some of the most common colognes and fragrances are quite affordable. Therefore, in this article, you will know which is the best Mercedes Benz perfume. Read on to find out more.

The Best Mercedes Benz Perfume

As much as you may want to settle down on one cologne that will always be your go-to, you may go through a hard time picking because the majority of the colognes are hard to choose from. Therefore, here is a list of some of the best colognes from Mercedes Benz.

1. Mercedes Benz Intense

The perfumes come in quantities such as 75ml and 120ml. It is easier to shop for them even if you are miles away from where the main factory is. Additionally, you can find it at eau de toilette concentration or buy it from Amazon. Released in 2013 with a top note of a violet leaf and a base of ambergris it has a darker appearance that gives it an elegance appearance.

Like its name, it possesses an intense fragrance that will make you stay fresh throughout the day no matter how much you sweat. For longevity it stays for a good amount of time applying it to your skin can last up to five hours, but it lasts longer on fabric. If your daily activities involve leaving for work, this is the go-to perfume. It provides you with a unique aroma that is irresistible, thus drawing people to you.

2. Mercedes Benz Select

It is one of the best luxury mens fragrancethat are versatile. This is because you can wear it whether during daytime or nighttime. Therefore, with Mercedes Benz Select, you do not need perfumes for different occasions as the bit will serve you in all situations.

It is of high quality and features some of the best designers in the world. All perfumes from Mercedes Benz are naturally crafted to bring out authenticity in them. Additionally, only experts take part in infusing them before they are sold out to the public.

3. Mercedes Benz Energetic Aromatic

Do you wish to smell like you are fresh out of the shower? The Mercedes Benz cologne is the perfume you should wear. It has opening notes in the following order; blackcurrant, grapefruit and bergamot. It is more suitable for men, especially those who do white-collar jobs. These luxury mens fragrance will keep you feeling fresh the whole day.

The perfumes add a touch of class to a man making him irresistible and presentable before people. It is the most ideal perfume for men. What makes it ideal for wearing in an office is that it lasts for about two hours before it wears off completely. Thus, you can hardly irritate those around you with the scent.

4. Mercedes Benz Blue Cologne

It is one of the most recent colognes that the company released in 2017. Ideally, the perfume is suitable for almost anyone as it can easily appease you. Some of its most common fragrances are citrus and Rubarb. Most men love it for how it looks, while the majority of the women love how it smells.

It is one of the best fragrances that are authentic, and you can hardly go wrong with it. The cologne is quite affordable, and the downside is that it does not last so long on the skin. However, the price makes it easier for the majority of the people to afford it.

It is really hard to choose from a Mercedes perfume because of how their scents are. However, you can pick one that works for you, depending on your preferences. Whether you prefer natural scents, sweet scents or masculine ones, it does not matter. Mercedes Benz has everything for everyone.

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