Gifts for two: opt for a travel box

In recent times, the concept of the gift box, also known as a box, has evolved a lot. It occurs in all areas and can be adapted to customer demand. The variation of the prices and the services presented makes it possible to seduce the customers and to reach prodigious turnover. Giving a beautiful gift for two people has never been a simple thing. A gift box can be presented in beauty, gastronomy, sport, monthly subscription and also travel for two people. The gift box specialists will help you to identify the box that suits your needs. The choice and the price are very variable. Faced with multiple choices of travel boxes, it is in your interest to choose the best offer to please a couple.

The travel box for two people

The travel box is one of the special gifts for two people. Many authentic places for a number of days of getaway are offered to you in attractive holiday gift boxes. Travel expenses and accommodation such as starred or charming hotels, guest houses, castles and others are included. This travel box contains a time of escape in a destination of choice to discover unique places and come back with a head full of memories. This gift box gift box for couple is indeed made for globe-trotters so it is up to you to choose the destination. Once the trip is chosen, a gift voucher where the description of the trip is mentioned, will be sent to you. The travel box is usually open-dated, the recipient has up to a year to decide the departure date.  It is an ideal gift, full of surprises, love and emotions for two people you care about.

The different travel box offers

There are several travel box offers. You can choose an original weekend getaway including a visit to romantic places. A wellness and spa stay box is also the most popular way to relax. It offers you a better relaxation in original establishments. A two-night gift box is also interesting for celebrating special occasions in charming hotels or charming guest houses. The Evasion gift set offers you a stay in other regions. It makes you discover the region and its particularities. As for the Islands and Seaside box, this offer is valid for two people and takes care of all the services during your weekend by the sea. The sustainable tourism box proposes nice escapades in the green nature in huts or tents in order to take care of the universe. A stay at the Château boxed set lets you experience the passion for heritage and you will also be amazed by the French art of living.

Advantages of the travel gift box

The travel boxes are advantageous for the customers but also for the partner establishments. For customers, the travel box is always a good idea as a gift. It is available at several points of sale and also online. You have a wide choice of regional, national or international destinations. You can choose the destinations and activities from a wide range of possibilities. The prices for the travel box are sometimes very interesting. You can even take advantage of the star hotels or charming hotels as there is always a good discount. For the partners, they will be more known and much appreciated by the customers thanks to the gift boxes. These enhance the reputation of the partner establishments free of charge. This partnership gives the establishments the opportunity to attract new customers. And it helps to increase the turnover of these companies.

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