What guest gift to give at her wedding?

Giving a small gift to guests is a brand new tradition for today's bride and groom. Recently appeared in France, this small gesture can only please your guests. You can offer one according to your tastes, your theme, but especially according to your budget.

A beautiful attention and not an obligation

For the big day, it is the role of the bride and groom to think about everything from invitations, to the reception, to the gifts for the guests. The latter are part of the small details, but they are very important to make the day perfect. Indeed, the couple will also be able to give some to their guests. It is not an obligation, but offered with love, they constitute a charming attention as a souvenir of this great day. It is true that with all the preparations, the budget, and even the time can be quite tight. However, these gifts are often small things that symbolize the big day. Many wedding providers offer them in different kinds and the choice depends only on your needs. For those who can afford it, however, there is nothing to stop them from aiming higher, because after all, it is their big day!

The classics

If you're old school and you like the classics, go for the almonds. For a long time, they have adorned the tables par excellence and to perfect them, choose real quality confectionery. Boxes of chocolates are also a hit with young and old alike. In this way, you can convey a message that your love for them is as real and eternal as your love for chocolate. What you should not forget is to reserve a small place on the gift to put a few words. It often includes the names of the bride and groom and the date of the big day, so that guests will remember it for as long as possible. Small personalized boxes with your theme as a color are not yet out of fashion. You can put candles, soaps... And don't forget to cross out the famous jam jar, candles for romance, and photo frames. All will find their place perfectly in the middle of this magical decoration.

An unforgettable gift

If you're the spontaneous type and want to give an unusual gift, choose one that is both euphoric and unusual. Many couples opt for ephemeral tattoos. Indeed, you will engrave on each of your guests this day with drawings that will symbolize it. It should be noted that you will have to choose a moment during the party to be able to distribute the gifts. Either you do it on arrival in the reception room, or you put it on the tables (if they are objects), or you give them to your guests when they leave. What is important is that no one is forgotten and everyone gets the same. Out-of-the-ordinary gifts are very much appreciated by the youngest guests. The perception is not always the same, what matters is their joy of giving. Very often, they give gifts with objects that have marked their love story such as CDs compiling their favourite songs, chocolates in the shape of a card to remind them of the place where they met, or key rings made with champagne corks as a souvenir of the proposal... Remember, in this section, it is the details that count! Finally, don't forget that some of your guests have travelled miles to attend your wedding. It is perfectly normal that you offer them food, a drink and a gift. Make sure that it's original so that no one else can have one like yours.

An original and authentic gift

The most original gifts are those that are homemade! To mark this unparalleled day, many couples prefer to spend a little time in their planning to do some handiwork. This way, originality and authenticity are assured. But the wallet is also happy because it greatly reduces expenses. There are countless ideas, but the principle is to put your heart into the work. Handkerchiefs embroidered with the initials of the bride and groom are not so old-fashioned yet. There are also small boxes of sweets for blue cords, small pots of natural flowers for green hands, small vials to put magic potions for the adventurous... so many ideas to mark this special day! In short, remember that guest gifts are a way to thank your guest for honouring you with their presence. Not to make it simple, it should be to your liking, according to your theme and not because that's what the guests want.

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