Pool or wedding list?

For hundreds of years, it has been a tradition to give gifts at events such as the birth of a child or a wedding. In most cases, wedding gifts are made up of objects that can help the bride and groom to start their new life on the right foot. The wedding list is made up of gifts such as cutlery, linens and sheets. The wedding list is available in stores or online, offered by specialists at affordable prices. As for the jackpot, it is a direct help in the form of money to finance the future projects of the spouses. The constitution of the kitty can also be done online thanks to the specialized site.

How do modern wedding lists work?

A wedding registry is a list of wedding gifts that an engaged couple has selected in advance. The registration service is usually provided free of charge by the different shops to the bride and groom and allows the customers to choose the services the couple needs. Registering for such things as food and household items was one way for a married couple to provide their new home, but since many couples cohabited before marriage, modern registries contain a wide variety of items, some even asking for donations to help pay for the couple's honeymoon.

How do I register for a wedding?

The couple chooses the wedding gifts they want, and then their friends and family can access their list in-store or online. The wedding gift list is usually updated each time an item on the list is purchased, indicating what remains available for guests on a registry. Each couple is different and can choose different items to add to their registry. Popular items on wedding registries include household items, such as kitchen appliances, etc., but if you are already living together, it is likely that you already have a lot of kitchen items. You may choose to put more expensive items on your registry, and many stores and websites will let customers contribute a portion of an expensive item instead of buying it directly.

Wedding jackpot a practical alternative to wedding lists

The kitty is a way for the bride and groom to have gifts in the form of cash. It offers a modern alternative to wedding lists. Instead of making a list of objects, couples prefer to encourage their guests to participate in the kitty according to their possibilities. The amount is freely determined by the guests. The prize pool can take a material or digital form depending on the needs of the bride and groom. The material form of the kitty is the urn installed on the wedding day, usually in the reception hall. It allows guests to slip an envelope of money into the urn. The advantage of the urn is that it is practical and discreet. The shape of the urn is freely chosen and depends either on taste or on the wedding theme. For example, the urn can take the shape of a boat, a house or a castle or even an airplane. As for the digital jackpot, it is based on the use of the internet. Several days before the wedding, the kitty can be set up on a specialized site. It has the advantage of allowing guests who are unable to attend the wedding to make a gift to the couple. Moreover, it is a way to increase the number of gifts by combining it with the urn used on the wedding day. These two are not incompatible but complementary.

Advantages and disadvantages of the jackpot and the wedding list

Despite several advantages of the list for future spouses, such as having useful gifts for their households, allowing guests to know the taste of the spouses and avoiding the purchase of superfluous items. It is in this context that several online shops have specialized in the pre-defined wedding list composed of several hundred objects adapted to each one's budget. Similarly, department stores have given guests the opportunity to shop online without having to travel to the venue to do their shopping but to choose and pay for the items online. Disadvantages are to be noted for the wedding list in particular the fact that the spouses already have most of the necessary equipment for their homes. In addition, it is embarrassing to impose gifts in advance to the guests. In addition, dealing with wedding lists can be very time-consuming. As for the jackpot, despite the fact that it can be used to finance travel plans, the purchase of an apartment or a car, it is always inappropriate to ask for money directly from guests. For more efficiency, the wedding list and the wedding kitty can be combined, so bad surprises will be avoided.

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