Presentation of gift ideas to offer to the bride and groom

To find a wedding present, this simple mission which seems at first sight easy is sometimes part of the real fighter's journey. Which gift to offer to the bride and groom between original, cheap present, unusual or personalized surprise? The present to offer to the bride and groom is obligatory if one is invited to a wedding.

Some ideas of gifts to offer to the bride and groom

Many brides and grooms establish a wedding list to guide guests in the choice of gifts. This solution is suitable for those who do not really know the young couple. If a wedding gift can be chosen directly from the list, it is also possible to participate financially in an expensive gift such as helping to finance the honeymoon. To offer a personalized gift, one can take inspiration from the ideas on the list in order to respect the style of the bride and groom. Those who know the bride and groom perfectly and who want to give them a real treat will be able to think about offering them an unusual wedding gift. Offer as a wedding gift a dinner in their favourite gourmet restaurant, offer an object recalling the circumstances of their meeting or a painting designed especially for them. If the bride and groom have not established a list, simply choose practical gifts for the bride and groom: crockery, a lamp, a plaid, a magnificent cookbook or everyday objects.

Original gift ideas at mini prices

The gift to be offered to the bride and groom can be declined in different rates. Depending on the means, stamps with the effigy of the bride and groom can be chosen as a wedding gift. Offer the newlyweds a case of wine, a breakfast service, a suitcase or a travel bag. Other useful gifts to offer the bride and groom include a framed photo of the bride and groom, slippers, gym lessons or memberships, spa sessions for 2, designer alarm clock, espresso machine, fondue service, a movie pass, a hot air balloon trip, a pre-paid gourmet dinner... The gift depends on the budget and the taste of the bride and groom.

How much to put in a wedding gift?

A relative or a witness should preferably offer a more personal gift of a certain value. It is not advisable to ruin oneself by buying gifts for the bride and groom. If the guest has a modest income, he or she can get together with family and guests to raise a certain amount of money to give a gift of greater value. The purchase of gifts to offer to the bride and groom should be made according to his means. It is more interesting to send a letter from the heart explaining the regret of not being able to spoil them than to buy a gift that has no meaning for the bride and groom.

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