5 advertising bag ideas to inspire you

Published on : 20 May 20204 min reading time

Bags are one of those everyday accessories that we attach ourselves to without even realizing it, as long as their size is just the right one for us. A perfect communication vector for a brand or a company looking for visibility. An advertising bag is inexpensive and allows even small budgets to make a name for themselves. Let’s take a look at 5 ideas for bags that sign successful communications!

Adopt the advertising bag to boost your sales and your image

You thought he was missing since the ban on commercial plastic bags? It’s getting a new look thanks to different models of promotional bags made from new natural and biodegradable materials.

The biodegradable shoulder bag

It is a great classic of the courtesy bag, because its format allows storage. Widely used in pharmacies that cannot do without its use, it can be made of organic pastic, jute canvas or recycled cotton. Now reusable, the shoulder bag significantly increases its lifespan. Its strong point is undeniably its format, which allows you to fold it to keep it in a handbag and then use it as a booster bag. All organized women love it for last-minute shopping! Printed in a flashy colour, it will surprise the customer who will keep a positive impression from this experience. A simple personalised advertising bag generates loyalty in the simplest way possible!

The cotton tote bag

Its rectangular format and shoulder handles made it a success before the fashion designers took it over. They made it their favourite, because its large printing surface allows them to create the most crazy and amazing visuals. A tote bag ideally targets young, trendy and feminine customers. The possibilities of personalization are infinite in terms of colours and very extensive in terms of materials. Opt for eco-responsible materials if you don’t want your tote bag to fall into oblivion because of a lack of respect for the environment! It is imperative to follow the trends so that your tote bag is adopted by the greatest number of people.

Think about promotional bags for your business gifts!

The advertising bag as an object of communication boosts sales and notoriety. But we also think of it as a business gift to maintain and underline the seriousness of a collaboration. The advertising bag offered will be more expensive, because it will target collaborators chosen according to their importance.    The sports bag

It is emblematic of action and performance. It is an object that is worn with a certain amount of pride and that enhances the value of the person who receives it. Top sportsmen and women are a good example of this by displaying the logos of their sponsor with a bag on their shoulder. The sports advertising bag will thus give the impression of belonging to the same team and create a feeling of emulation. It’s a perfect gift to motivate young employees at an event that celebrates the company’s leadership. It can also be offered to a selected client, whose sports practice is well known, as a personna

The professional briefcase

It is the perfect corporate gift that can be kept for a long time because of its practicality. The company logo can be discreetly printed with a wide range of personalisation options. This valuable gift is preferably addressed to important customers. It is very professional and underlines the seriousness of a collaboration. A good way to consolidate a relationship if you want to go a long way together in business!

Numerous personalization possibilities make it possible to print discreetly

the company logo. This prize gift will preferably be addressed to

important clients. Very professional, he underlines the seriousness of a

collaboration. A good way to strengthen a relationship if you want to make a difference.

a bit of business together!

Advertising bags are the allies of a good notoriety by playing moving ads: reaching a very large number of people they accompany incognito, they allow you to display your name, long, everywhere and for a very reasonable budget.

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