How to choose a corporate gift voucher?

Choosing a business gift is often difficult. After terrible headaches and dozens of web pages visited, you still don't find the right one. What if you're going about it the wrong way? Your time is precious, which is why these few tips have been put together to help you find business gift ideas as quickly as possible, with the certainty that your target will be satisfied, no matter what their profile is.

Opt for original gifts

The first thing to keep in mind is that whatever corporate gifts you wish to distribute, they must stand out from those of your competitors. Forget about the conventional items they'll be able to find on every street corner and give them a promotional item they won't soon forget. Be up to date! We are now in the digital age, your customers use the internet and have a smartphone. Your gifts will also have to follow this trend. However, choose them with the greatest care, paying particular attention to quality. If you only have a limited budget, it is more prudent to give your employees and colleagues a small gift that will fit into that budget, don't be tempted to buy large, cheap gifts, as these never last. Don't forget that an original, authentic and durable gift will be appreciated for years, while a conventional gift that breaks down after a few uses will surely end up in the big pile of forgotten items of your prospects. For a state-of-the-art gift idea, visit

Adapt your gift according to the recipient

If the business gifts do exist, they will not ensure the loyalty of your customers or the satisfaction of your partners. If your intention was to show them your gratitude for their loyalty and to remind them of the paths you have taken together, a gift that suits any person's profile is not the best option, as this will translate into a lack of interest in the recipient's tastes and personality. Choose at least two different gifts: one for men and one for women. Then, if your budget allows it, get to know each prospect who will receive your gift and then draw up the different profiles of people in order to adapt your promotional items according to them. Is the person a man or a woman? How old is the person? Is he or she of a different nationality? Does his or her culture differ from yours? What is his or her function within the company? What is his or her passion? What are her tastes? Is she a geek? A sportsman? A wine enthusiast? What would be the ideal occasion to give her the gift? If it's a foreign client or partner, pay close attention to the meaning your business gift might have in their culture. Avoid gifts that might offend the recipient's sensibilities. For example, a British employee might be embarrassed by a promotional gift, because in his or her own country, giving promotional items falls into the same category as bribery. A Muslim will refuse any gift containing alcohol, and a Chinese will expect you to leave the price of the gift clearly visible on the packaging to show him that your gift is worthwhile.

Combine aesthetics and usefulness

If your business gift must not stray from its ultimate goal, i.e. to bring you closer to your customers and thus optimize your notoriety, it must also be adapted to the needs of your prospects. Choose a gift that will be both pleasing to the eye and can also be used in everyday life. This way, your customers will rarely part with it, making your brand visible to a wider audience. You will have a wide range of choices among the different types of gifts, such as office supplies (diaries, calendars, collector's pens, ...), high-tech gifts (USB key, graphics tablet, smartphone, GPS, smart watch, headset, heated mug, Bluetooth audio speaker, ...), ...), original gifts (gift box, trekking day, figurine, spa membership, skydiving session, voucher, ...), and personalized gifts (collector's pen personalized with the name of the recipient, mug with an unusual shape, notebook, ...).

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