Corporate gifts and advertising media: the positive impact of personalised notebooks

Are you looking for an advertising object capable of seducing recipients? This time, opt for personalised notebooks. Indeed, they are 100% customizable products. But how do you choose the right model?

Why choose personalised notebooks?

To promote your company, to make yourself known to the public, to thank, to increase turnover and in all circumstances, you can offer business gifts to your partners (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.). Receiving a gift is always a pleasure, whatever the value. Despite the State's encouragement of dematerialisation, personalised notebooks remain, until now, essential tools in everyday life for tracking down ideas, taking notes, recording events... They can accompany recipients wherever they go since. Moreover, it is an object that can last over time. It then offers optimal visibility for the company. What's more, thanks to the presence of your logo or slogan on the Professional Notebook, you indirectly encourage the public to recognise and remember your brand. During a professional event, the personalization of notebooks can improve your visibility and help you generate maximum traffic on your stand. Similarly, a quality notebook can easily boost your company's image and increase your credibility. Finally, you have access to a variety of models to showcase your company in terms of size, colour, material... This is an advertising medium that requires little budget. Are you looking for a wide range of personalized notebooks?

Which personalized notebook to offer to your partners?

Are you lacking inspiration? There are a number of things you need to take into account to find the advertising booklet you need: Design: you can choose from simple to sophisticated styles. Here, it's all a matter of taste. The material: if you want to give an ecological image to your company, choose biodegradable materials such as recycled cardboard or bamboo. However, you can also choose leather, imitation leather, reconstituted leather or canvas Colour: you must harmonise the colour with the graphic charter of your company and with the chosen pattern for a better rendering Number of pages: prefer a sufficiently large number of pages so that the notebook can be used for a long time by the user Accessories: with or without a pen? Which style of pen? A corporate notebook? The format: here again, you will be spoilt for choice (PM, MM or GM) The pages: white or striped? The cover: do you want a stapled, hard, soft, combination, spiral or flexible cover? Finish: to add a touch of originality to your promotional notebook, you can personalise the finish. Gilding on the edge, for example, gives a more elegant look to the object and reflects a top-of-the-range image! And Logo Book Marking: if you have enough space, you can add other information about your company such as address, contact, slogan, etc.

How to choose your service provider?

Cost should not be your only criterion. First of all, it would be more judicious to turn to a professional specialized in the Printing of personalized notebooks. This will guarantee you an impeccable result. Next, define the number of copies required. Indeed, the price is degressive. So, order a good quantity to benefit from the best prices. Also, use the competition to make negotiations easier. Take a look at the web and check out the websites of 3 or 4 service providers. This will give you a first glimpse of the quality of services offered. Also, you can check the reputation of the players through the comments and opinions of customers on its page, in forums and on social networks. Finally, compare delivery times. Attention! If you make the mock-up in-house, then a simple printer can satisfy your needs. On the other hand, if you have to entrust the finalization to an expert, be aware that this will certainly have an impact on the price. It is therefore better to turn to a printer who offers this kind of service.

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