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modern masters paintings

Are you in an art gallery searching for modern art for sale? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place.

It can be difficult to precisely define the term modern masters paintings or simply ‘modern paintings’ as it is a nebulous phrase that may take on a multitude of meanings. That is not unexpected, given that we are always moving forward in time, such that the art considered contemporary painting now would not be deemed so in a few years.

Modern paintings aim at expressing the artists’ views of the surrounding environment using visual mediums. Most of these modern masters aimed at advancing their artistry to an exceptional level of pure originality.

The Primary Characteristics of Modern Paintings

As there are many similarities, it can be challenging for many individuals to differentiate between modern and contemporary painting. Here are some distinguishing characteristics that make modern paintings different from their contemporary counterparts.

  • New types of paintings – Painting styles such as collage and kinetic art paintings came up in the era of modern artists.

  • Expressive use of colour – Modern masters were the first artists to use colour in a major way, through arts such as Fauvism, expressionism and colour field painting.

Apart from these characteristics, there are plenty of others that differentiate modern paintings from contemporary paintings and others from a different era.

Tips for Buying Modern Paintings Online

Buying art can be a daunting experience for any new collector. With plenty of art for sale, it can be overwhelming to decide what type of art to buy. However, here are a few tips to help you buy paintings in any art gallery.

  • Research in Advance - If you want to make the best choices when buying modern paintings, it is imperative to consult with art experts such as fellow collectors or appraisers. These experts can help you get invaluable information that can make the purchase process less tedious and cheaper.

  • Budget - The prices of modern paintings vary from one to the other. For that reason, you may need to set a budget before you step into an impressionist art gallery. When budgeting, ensure you factor in other factors such as shipping and insurance.

  • Define your taste - Before you start purchasing modern paintings for your collection, it is a good idea to figure out what you like. The best way to define your taste in painting is by visiting museums and art galleries. Places such as an impressionist Art gallery can help you make better choices as it helps you familiarize yourself with different painting styles and periods.

  • Keep records of your purchases - For any painting you purchase, you need to have a traceable path from artist to owner. Your records should have details such as emails, invoices and purchase receipts. These records make it easier to prove ownership if you decide to sell the painting in the future.


Purchasing modern paintings can be challenging for any individual, especially for a new collector. However, the job can be less tedious if you know your taste in paintings and budget. Here are a few tips to help you when purchasing modern paintings.

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